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Be accompanied


"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far - go together!"

- African proverb -

Coach - Name - CulturEng


Getting introduced to each other


My name is Svetti.

In Slavic languages it means "light".

I try my best to keep up to this message to bring light into the lives of people and businesses and help them to shine.


Using my strengths to empower you



I constantly come up with new concepts and ideas. I'm always on the lookout to connect unconnectable things and to find new perspectives on familiar challenges. New angles, approaches and perspectives are the result.


My objective is to act and to initiate action. How can we know something does not work if we haven't tried it? I make a decision, I take action, I look at the result, and I learn. Transforming intangible ideas into tangible actions. I also trigger people to take action on their ideas.


My objective is to bring confidence. While I might not know what the future is going to bring, it does not disturb me in my core. Somewhere deep in my mind and heart, I know - no matter what happens, we will go through it. My faith in God supports this inner confidence. This inner confidence and self-motivation allow me to take risks, to be able to meet new challenges, stake claims, and be able to deliver.


My objective is to learn new things. I like to experiment with different styles of learning as well. As it's the processes itself that excite me, I'm not necessarily interested in becoming an expert in every matter of life. Instead, I prefer widening my horizon in various subjects and connecting with people who are experts in their areas.



My objective is to take charge and direct people. In any situation, I enjoy bringing myself forward to lead the team. I'm not afraid of confrontation when presenting my views. At the contrary, I feel that the open discussion is the first step towards an agreement and a win-win-solution. I initiate friendly discussions to get to the core of ideas or issues.

Text adapted from my results from the High5-Test

Svetti - strengths
Svetti - qualification


The academic basis of my knowledge


International Management (B.A.)

University of Applied Sciences Hof, Germany

Intercultural communication (M.A.)

Technical University Chemnitz, Germany

Ingenería Comercial

Universidad del Pacifico, Chile

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