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 “The desire for excellence becomes a reality when an individual sets a standard, reaches it and surpasses it consistently.”-

- Israelmore Ayivor -


Lead with excellence.


You already lead a company or team. Or you want to become a leader.

You would like to dive more into leadership topics, reflect and upgrade your leadership style. You would like to have a sparring partner to reflect on challenges and bounce off ideas and strategies to overcome them.


You learn the 21 laws of leadership by Maxwell. For each law you set a specific leadership goal for your daily business life. You observe your leadership style, reactions of employees and outcomes.

You meet on a regular basis with the coach to review the progress and trigger the next leadership goal to directly work on.


ExcelEng - Leadership - CulturEng
Brainstorm Team Meeting


Learn to set and achieve goals


You want to learn and achieve a lot. Yet, it is difficult to set goals and to see when you reached them.

You would like to have a technique to see you goals for topics you want to upgrade.

You want to recognize it when you reached the goal to celebrate your achievements.


You learn a technique of goal-setting. We set a specific goal of a topic you'd like to grow in, we follow up, you reach this goal and we celebrate. With this example you can use the technique(s) for other areas of your life. With or without the coach.



Know your strengths and use them for success


You feel that you have abilities and talents which you unwittingly already use in your daily life and business. Yet, you cannot name those talents and strengths.

You would like to know what they are and how you can harness them to excel in all ways of action and interaction.


You do an online strength-test and discuss the results with the coach. You analyse your business situations where you would like to harness these strengths and trigger more productivity.

You meet on a regular basis with the coach to review the progress and set the next focus to directly work on.




Discover your personality with the DISC profile.


You know that every person is different. Yet, this beind different is blurry and untangible. You would like to have some strategic knowledge about your own personality and the personalities of people you work with.



You get to know the DISC profile and you do an online DISC assessment. You discuss the results with the coach and analyse how to harness this knowledge in your business situations. You develop a full picture of the DISC profiles of your team to better understand behaviors and enhance productivity by arranging fitting constellations within your team. You review your observations with the coach and discuss re-arrangements to foster best results.


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