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Business Brainstorm

Grow together


Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

- Michael Jordan -


Train your team to train themselves.


You want your team to constantly upgrade their skills and proactively train each other in relevant business performance topics.

You want to leverage presentation, demonstration, practice and feedback within the team. You want your team to act and grow independantly.


Your team chooses specific topics within their area they would like to train. Depending on the topic, the team members read a book, watch a tutorial or listen to a presentation.

The coach acts as a sparring-partner and moderator to trigger questions for discussion and helps to set goals or decide on the next training topic.

The coach introduces and implements the structure for continuous team training and how to be efficient within a fixed amount of team training time. After some sessions, the coach nominates and empowers in-company team trainers to continue this style.


Contact me for a first talk

You're not sure which modules or packages fit best for you?

Contact me for a first talk for free. We'll discuss your needs and wishes and I suggest the most fitting module or package.

*all prices excl. VAT and travel costs

hour = 60 mins

day = 8 hours

Prices per coaching session for up to 10 people

All sessions can be performed online

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