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InternationalizEng - International Business -CulturEng

Go Global


 “Proactive firms go international because they want to, while reactive ones go international because they have to.”-

- Michael R Czinkota -


Know intercultural differences to succeed in international business.


You are fit in your area of expertise. You love working internationally. At some points you come to situations where your way of working doesn't comply with the work style of other nations. You're wondering why.


You learn some basics on intercultural differences and how to assign behavior without generalizing. You learn how to quickly inform yourself on cultural standards of other countries using an app and how to use it for work situations.

You apply this knowledge on case studies, analyzing real-life situations and deriving strategies for your own way of doing business internationally. You discuss your own experiences and polish your international strategy.


InternationalBusiness - UnderstandEng - CulturEng
InternationalBusiness - GermanizEng - CulturEng


Understand the German way of doing business


You plan to work or are already working with Germans. At times, you perceive difficulties to follow their way of doing business or interacting during work. You're wondering why and whether you can meet them halfway.



You learn about the "typical" German work style and how it might collide with non-Germans.  You discuss your experiences on the basis of this knowledge. You analyze further real-life incidents of international business with Germans and derive own ways to interact in your area of work.


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