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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far - go together."

- African proverb -

As I accompany you, I'm also being accompanied by people and networks who support me. These people and networks have their own visions to make the world a better place daily.

Together we change a lot.

Get some inspiration into the network I have and feel free to cooperate with them, too.

XING - Svetti Jungmann


German Business Network




Business Village

Co-Working Space in Chemnitz



XING - Svetti Jungmann

Faktor C

German Christian Business Network


As a

Coach for

Global Business Communication

I'm looing forward to accompanying you on your way. Let's rock international business together!

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International Businesss Network


Svetti Jungmann

c/o Business Village Chemnitz
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