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Refresh your English language

Lose your fear of speaking

Details to the Coaching Package RefreshEng .

The package is a combination of modules from the BasEng concept.

The amount of hours is based on past experience and can be shortened or extended depending on your needs and experience. This will be discussed in the kickoff (OutlinEng).


Discuss your needs and wishes and form a concept.

You discuss with the coach your needs and wishes to get fit for international work. You express your wishes to the coaching. The coach explains the style, tools and procedure of the coaching. Together you outline the next steps, set the appointments, and clarify other framework necessary for the cooperation.

2 hours x 80€*



Learn to speak without fears and dictionary.



You are well trained and successful in your area of knowledge. Yet, when it comes to speaking English with international business people, you feel like losing the situation.

You want to say what you want to say.

You want the listener to understand your point and see you as the expert you are in your mother tongue.


You know where the fear of speaking a foreign language comes from.

You learn and train 5 basic hacks to deal with your fears and speak fluently in the language level you already have.

You train with easy and fun :-) tools to express yourself and deliver the message.

2 x 4 hours 70€*



Meet to talk and practice your English.



You understand how to speak without fear and translation (Module SpeakEng). But you don't speak often.

You want to train talking about different topics without thinking too long in your native language. You would like to be easy and relaxed in speaking English when international people and/or your colleagues are present.


You and the coach meet on a regular basis to talk.

The coach prepares ongoing topics to talk about. Questions to grammar or words will be answered and trained on the go.

You talk about daily work, upcoming projects, issues in the company, personal matters.

You also use outside-the-box-meetings like walkntalk, breakfast, museum visits, city tours etc. to talk with your team and the coach. This trains you to speak anywhere without fear.

3 x 1 hour x 65€*



Train your English language skills in your everyday business context

Your Desire

You know the basic grammar and speak simple sentences. You want to train more intensively the business words in context to feel fit in everyday international business situations.

Your Coaching

You learn business English words with the book "How business works". On the basis of the book you develop little projects on the examples of your company, branch and job. You use digital and non-digital methods to simulate real-life situations. The complete coaching is in English.

4 x 8 hours x 90€*


= 3,795€*

45 hours

*all prices excl. VAT and travel costs

hour = 60 mins

day = 8 hours

Prices per coaching session for up to 10 people

All sessions can be performed online


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